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Healthcare providers worldwide are increasingly using digital marketing to expand their brand reach.

 Wanna know why?

‘Cause consumers are actively searching online for healthcare providers like you, Every.Single.Day.

So, develop a content strategy that will bring you upward on the Search Engine and attract your ideal clients.

What are you waiting for?

Get ahead of the latest marketing trends and give your consumers the content they need.

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How Can I help?

My years of exposure to healthcare marketing material helps me get your industry. I know the jargon and the marketing strategies that work best so you don’t waste time explaining what needs to be done and how.


My writing will help boost your business by:

  • Demonstrating authority through actionable content
  • Developing a strong emotional bond with patients and consumers
  • Using the 3-tier formula; Inform, Educate, Motivate


I craft compelling marketing pieces so your business grabs the attention it deserves

WHITE PAPERS (4)  Let’s build an efficient website for an efficient business

ebook (1) Leverage these ‘Bait’ pieces to capture or boost lead generation

WHITE PAPERS (3) ‘Cause your customers’ stories are gold for your business

WHITE PAPERS Use this ‘hidden’ way to persuade your prospects

WHITE PAPERS (2) Cut through the noise with relevant, high-quality content

If you have a business goal that includes marketing like:

  1. Building trust to shorten the communication gap with Website Content

  2. Extending advice with authority-building Blog Posts

  3. Demonstrating value with a comprehensive White Paper

  4. Increasing prospect conversion using a persuasive Landing or Sales Page.

I’m Game!

With a focused marketing effort, I can help you extend your brand reach across multiple verticals – search, social media, and mobile.

What Others Are Saying..

” I was pleasantly surprised working with her and would definitely recommend others to give her a shot.” 

Sanjay Rai – Plural Sight

” Delivered perfect job. Great writing skills! “ 

Gui Sales

” Truly professional !!!! “     

Sanjay Suri

” Perfectly written and very detailed. Fast and correct work. Great good!! ”

Scott Girardin – Alumni Productions

“Hania is extremely professional and committed to solving her clients’ problems. Even after the project was finished and the amount paid, she came back to help me and even wrote the email series for me, proving her commitment to serve. She guided me with what I needed when I wasn’t clear about things. In terms … Continue reading Felix Tay – Badger Fitness

Felix Tay – Badger Fitness

Get copywriting services from someone who:

  • possesses years of matchless exposure to healthcare marketing material

  • provides professionally-written web content so your business sores

  • supplies Creative Commons licensed images for more engaging and in-depth blog posts

  • turns in work on or before the deadline, stress-free

  • offers you a smooth and efficient copy experience

… basically, makes your life a tad bit easier… 

cropped-20170425_124436  That’s Me.

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